About me

In the garden with The Garden Frog BoutiqueWelcome

The Garden Frog Boutique has been work in progress for sometime now. A jumpstart to a dream to my own business.

Much of my writing will be about gardening and all things green and beautiful with some DIY projects, tips & tricks, and even a few recipes thrown in. I have had a love of nature since I was a young girl and as an adult I found that I loved working with power tools and a paint brush.

My family comes first with my husband of 19 year, our son who has one year of school left, our oldest son who comes home often to visit fron the Midwest, and 2 dogs and 3 cats that make life interesting and me busy vacuuming.

I write to inspire you to take a chance- whether it be growing a perennial garden, painting an ugly piece of furniture, or even showing you that not all things on the internet work.  If you ever have a question or thought, contact me at thegardenfrogboutique@gmail.com and I will do my best to answer it. We have a lot to learn about working with nature and even learning from each other so this will be a journey for all of us.

I learned a long time ago that working in the garden is the best therapy. Leave all the negative energy out of your garden and your life and only allow the beauty of nature and the positive attitude of others into your life. The beauty and smells from a garden will make you smile  and remember how great life really is ..

Happy gardening!

Create. Inspire. Gardening without the rules!



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