#1 tip for watering your houseplants

#1 tip for watering your houseplantsOne of the most important things I could tell you about growing houseplants is NOT to use tap water. Tap water, or any water that has been treated with chemicals, should never be used to water your plants. Tap water is not beneficial and in many cases can be harmful to plants. The chemicals can cause ailments for your plants such as brown tip leaves and sometimes even death. (So if you have houseplants die, I ask you “did you water them with tap water?)#1 tip for watering your houseplants

Chlorine and the host of other chemicals used to treat the water nowadays is not healthy to humans nor is it healthy to plants. I have had some houseplants for over 16 years and they are watered with rain barrel water when they are outside in the spring-early fall. Rain water is the best but not always feasible in apartment living or even in the winter. During the cold fall, winter, and very early spring before I take the plants outside to bask in fresh air all season, I use recycled milk jugs to hold the water used only for plants. (I have been doing this for as long as I have had houseplants – over 30 years)

#1 tip for watering houseplants

To treat tap water to be used on plants is a very simple process:

Fill up a clean rinsed out milk jug or other ‘pourable’ container and let the water sit for at least a day if not 2 to let the air and sun disspate any chemicals.

#1 tip for watering houseplants

Recycling milk jugs for houseplant water

You could also use filtered water but I find it easy enough to use a gallon milk especially since I have one jug designated to my Orchids, Christmas Cactus, and Pitcher Plant and then another 2 jugs for my vast collection of houseplants throughout the downstairs.#1 tip for watering houseplants

I also want to stress that I use room temperature water too. Now this may not have any scientific backing but I feel that cold water or even ice is not good or even pleasant to the plants delicate root system.

Call me a crazy plant lady but I feel everything in this world has a connection to something bigger than us. We are all energy and I figure that if the tables were turned and plants were to rule the world, I would want them to reciprocate my kindness and thoughtfulness. #1 tip for watering houseplants

Houseplants can give you many years of beauty and clean air. Rid yourself of the attitude “I kill everything” because with that attitude you will kill everything. There are a few easy to grow houseplants and below I have added the links to some plants I grow that need little care or work.

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8 thoughts on “#1 tip for watering your houseplants

  1. Good post on an important subject. Some plant owners do not realize that the chemicals in tap water are not good for their plants. Some-like the Spider Plant-will let you know by tip browning. Thanks for sharing the info for others so they know.

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