5 reasons why you should not cut down that dead tree

Yes, there are 5 reasons that are paramount to why you should not cut down that dead tree.

  1. bats
  2. birds
  3. wildlife
  4. insects
  5. food

Dead trees are an essential part of nature. I am not telling you to leave a dead tree near your home or other structure because that it is dangerous. However, a tree that is in the woods or forest needs to be left alone. The importance of a dead tree far outweighs the asthetic reasons to take it down. Below I will briefly state why.

Bats. These little critters are voracious eaters of mosquitoes. If you have a ton of those blood sucking little annoyances biting you every time you step outside, then you need to attract BATS. Bats live in dead trees (do I need to say more?)

Birds. Our feathery friends eat insects and give us beautiful notes of song to enjoy. Who doesn’t love a Woodpecker tap tap tapping away on the trunk of a tree? Or even finding an owl peeking out at you from their home deep inside the tree?

Wildlife. There are furry critters including squirrels and racoons who make their homes in the hollows of the trunk. Dead trees are homes to many of nature’s creatures.

Insects. You are probably thinking “why on earth would I care about insects?” Let me tell you why- insects are food for birds and other wildlife. There are good insects and there are bad insects and we need them both to keep nature in check. Have an aphid problem on your budding roses? Guess who helps you take care of that? Ladybugs.

Food. Fungi, lichens, and even mosses are food for a variety of wildlife, insects, and birds in the woods. A dead tree is the buffet for all of nature’s creatures big and small. A dead tree is important whether it has fallen or if it still standing.

I gave you 5 important reasons why you shoud not cut down that tree. I hope that this short and simple read gave you enough information to just let that dead tree be.

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2015 copyrighted material C Renee Fuller @the Garden Frog Boutique

Thank you for reading and I hope that you leave that tree be in the woods.

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