How to save and use coupons on Tide at Walgreens

use coupons for Tide at WalgreensI love shopping at Walgreens and earning points and register rewards on my purchases. However, this is not the only reason I have shopped at Walgreens for years…

I use coupons at Walgreens on laundry detergent, body washes, shampoos, make up, toiletries, and food. Walgreens is the best place to use coupons and benefit from the rewards points, register rewards, and coupon savings. Just take my shopping experience yesterday with my Tide coupons from the paper a couple weeks ago-

Tide, Walgreens, use coupons on Tide at Walgreens

Sale August 9-15, 2015
BOGO sale

I bought 4 bottles of Tide on sale BOGO free PLUS I had a $1 and a $3 coupon which took the bottles down to $2.50 each ( a savings of $4.49 each bottle!)

I save so much at Walgreens that it is not practical for me to make my own laundry detergent (like some of those other bloggers). My time is worth something and so I use coupons and shop Walgreens.

Using coupons at Walgreens

Look at my savings. This is real

One time I bought a name brand men’s body wash for a $1 a bottle which calculated to $3.99 in savings! The trick to saving at Walgreens is two fold- (1) you must get the Sunday newspaper for coupons and (2) go through the ad to see what is on sale. Do not think you have to use the coupon that week either. Sometimes you get lucky and the item will go on sale before the expiration date. I use the coupon with the sales to reap the best savings.

Walgreens lets you use BOGO coupons even if the item is on sale BOGO!

There is one disclaimer for using coupons: you cannot use a register rewards coupon for the same product if you are using a manufacturer’s coupon. So if you get a rewards coupon for Tide, you can only use the coupon if you do not use another Tide coupon in the same transaction.

I have a few tricks for shopping at Walgreens and getting the best deals! I love saving money and sharing this with you makes me happy!

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