Heuchera Circus in the shade garden

Heuchera circus, heuchera, coral bells, shade garden

I have my Heuchera circus in this galvanized tub

I love gardening and I love any plant that can thrive and give color and texture in my garden. Since I also use pots for many of my perennials, I found the Heuchera Circus to be a bright and beautiful addition in my galvanized tub. I love the bright colorful lime to bright green/yellow and red veins of the leaf. The flowers which are a bright pink are now in bloom and are so dainty and pretty.

Heuchera circus, heuchera, coral bells,

mid spring bloomer

Last year this bright and colorful Heuchera surrounded a canna in the galvanized tub where it received the morning sun and then filtered sun/shade all day. I live in zone 7 where the average low in February is 9 degrees for about a week or two; however, this past winter the lows reached 0! The Heuchera is an evergreen in my zone and it may or may not be in zones lower than 7. During the winter it lost about 50% of its leaves and looked all droopy but once March hit and the weather warmed, the Heuchera started to grow and fill in the tub again!

heuchera, Heuchera Circus, Coral bells, shade garden

winter in the tub

Most heucheras (common name Coral Bell) are used in shade gardens and for me they do best in morning sun or filtered sun and light shade. Heucheras are a great plant for shade gardens with hosta, astilbe, ferns, and  foam flowers where the heuchera can bring a bright color or leaf pattern to a shady spot. Right now with the bright sun and it is in a spot with full sun the leaves and color are fading (which means I will move it back to a part sun location again).

heuchera, coral bells, Heuchera circus, shade garden

I moved it to a full sun location but leaves are fading and not as bright as in a morning sun location

Heuchera zones 4-9 and starts to bloom in May. It is a spring through summer bloomer which I have discovered. It will tolerate full sun in colder/ lower zones with sufficient rainfall. Here in zone 7 I have found that it prefers a shadier location. If you enjoy bright colors in the garden, then you need to introduce this plant in your garden.Heuchera circus bloom spike

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7 thoughts on “Heuchera Circus in the shade garden

  1. I will have to keep my eye out for a Heuchera, very pretty plant. Love the red veins. I would also like to try an astilbe, I do have some hosta. Love the different varieties they come in. Thanks for sharing!

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