Bathroom tip: Cleaning the vent fan

cleaning bathroom vent fan

Is yours clean?

This is a very important tip for anyone has a bathroom vent fan. This is a fire hazard if hair, dust, and lint are left to accumulate on the motor. Overheating and POOF the dust ignites and you have a fire.

cleaning bathroom vent fan

How does yours look?

It is a forgotten and sometimes tedious thought about chore-cleaning bathroom vent fan

but it really isn’t hard or time consuming. 15-20 minutes and you can be rest assured that your home has one less hazard.

cleaning bathroom vent fan

This is just 6 months of dust, lint, and hair.


The hardest part is trying to reach and vacuum reaching all the places where dust and hair have settled.

cleaning bathroom vents

Gently pull down with both hands on each side and you should reveal some sort of clasps or hangers

If you get in the habit and look up at the vent grate and see dust, then take the time to clean it. Keep your family and home safe from fires.

cleaning bathroom vent

Reveal hangers which usually squeeze together to detach

bathroom vent fan, cleaning vent fan

cleaning bathroom vent

There is foam around mine which I had to carefully vacuum with an attachment

cleaning bathroom vent fan

I vacuum my plastic grate or you can wash it in the bathtub or sink

cleaning bathroom vent fan

After cleaning, then grab and squeeze

cleaning bathroom vent fan

cleaning vent fan

After you squeeze together slide back up in the bracket

cleaning bathroom vent fan

Gently push back up

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