Kitchen tip: Refrigerator maintenance

refrigertor maintenance, kitchen appliance tip, maintenanceHow many of you vacuum the hair and dust out the back of the refrigerator on the motor and coils?

refrigerator coil maintenance,

I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and I went more than 6 months! I noticed the refrigerator running more and remembered that I had not done this.

Did you know that many refrigerators run poorly and may stop working because you did not perform simple routine maintenance?

If you have pets, this should be done at least every 4-6 months. Otherwise this should be done every 8-12 months according to the maintenance specs in your refrigerator manual.

Lack of maintenance can void your warranty. This may not be spelled out in your manual or extended warranty but I have spoken to many repairmen who have all told me this little known fact. It is important to do this especially if you want to keep it running efficiently for many years.

I had a refrigerator die on my 2 years ago and had many repair men came and tried to repair my refrigerator with no success. I had a home warranty and, thanks to my 20 year practice of vacuuming behind the refrigerator and opening up the back and vacuuming the motor and coils CAREFULLY, the first repairman told me that I was lucky. “Lucky?” I asked. The repairman said “Yes, because the first thing a repairman usually check is the condition of the coils and if they are full of dust and hair as well as how much airflow is around the refrigerator.” He further went on to state that many refrigerators “die” because they overheat from lack of air flow which can be caused from hair and dust covering the coils. This will void your warranty if they find it covered in dust and dog hair!

I want to add that making sure there is space around and behind the refrigerator for air flow is also important. Do not push your refrigerator up against the back wall because the refrigerator needs air flow. I have about 4-6 inches behind my refrigerator.

I am also going to let you in on another hint the repairman gave me -always have your refrigerator on its own circuit with nothing else plugged in with it. He told me that many warranty companies or appliance manufacturers will void the warranty if the appliance is not on its own circuit.

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refrigerator maintenance

The back of your refrigerator may look a bit different but there will be a cover to remove

refirgerator maintenance

refrigerator maintenance

You can use a screwdriver or a hex bit to remove these screws.

refrigerator maintenance

cordless driver with hex bit

refrigerator maintenance

This is usually what the screw looks like. So a hex bit or standard screwdriver works great to re4move

refrigerator maintenance

Carefully vacuum the coils off. Always look inside and try not to touch any mechanics while sucking the hair and dust

refrigerator maintenance

Take a flashlight and make sure you get on top of coils and back inside

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen tip: Refrigerator maintenance

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have known I needed to do this, but every time I would get side-lined by that panel covering the bottom of the fridge back. The photos are a big help. Now I can get an item off the to-do list 🙂 Bwg ~~~

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