Creating a one of a kind gift box

upcycle box, upcycle into gift boxHow many of you out there love Brie? or any other food that comes in a cute round box? It can be any shape but I just happened to buy Brie cheese in round boxes. gift box upcycle

After we ate devoured the Brie on separate occasions, I decided the boxes were too ‘good’ to recycle so I saved them thinking of a great upcycling project. You have to be careful with saving every box, bottle, or container that passes through your home or you could easily be featured on one of those hoarding shows. However, especially during holidays, the uses for many boxes and containers can be creatively transformed and used for a purpose. Do not just keep saving everything. You have to be able to use it later and in a practical and reasonable way. gift box upcycle craft

Just because it is on the internet does not always mean save it. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself if you would really do that and be willing to answer honestly. I am always going through my craft room and purging out ‘saved’ items. Sometimes the idea falls a bit short when the recycled item sits in a drawer for a while…

It is time- to go on with our creative craft idea that most anyone can do-young or box upcycle, Brie box upcycle

You can decorate most things with fabric, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, and all kinds of ribbons and beads. A hot glue gun, Mod Podge, and even Elmer glue all should be a part of the craft room supply list. Rolls of ribbon and broken necklaces are great to save too for embellishing those crafts. I love perusing the aisles of  my favorite stores to find clearance buttons, trinkets, and beads for future creating and crafting.

upcycle gift box craft

Layering ribbon and gluing on to cover the writing

This is a great activity for your kids for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even someone’s birthday. What a special way to have some fun and share memories as you create special keepsakes. If you are like me, then you too have saved some very special gifts from your kids, from friends, and maybe even family.

gift box upcycle crafts

Use candy as filler

gift box upcycle crafts

Valentine candy is cheap to use as a filler!

Gift box upcycle crafts

Candy filler and gift on top!

This is a great upcycle idea and if the recipient loves it, then it will be displayed and used everyday and be a reminder of the love shared…

gift box upcycle crafts

Candy on bottom and a piece of tissue paper and then the gifts

Great for jewelry or even re-gifted in the future as a gift box for another someone special. The sky is the limit and so is your imagination!

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

gift box upcycle craft

I used an old bobbin for the knob and hot glued on the roses.

gift box upcycle craftgift box upcycle craftupcycle gift box craft

gift box upcycle craft

Glue on ribbon which fit perfectly!

gift box upcycle craft

Glue on your embellishments

gift box upcycle craft

I used paint to paint the bottom of box

upcycle gift box craft

I layered the ribbon since the ribbon was not quite wide enough

Gift box upcycle craft

I could not cut out a perfect circle so I cut the circle and then Mod Podged it on

gift box upcycle craftgift box upcycle craftGift box upcycle crafts

Copyrighted material 2015 C Renee Fuller

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