Nature does not do lists

I have wanted to write this for some time and now that spring is approaching I think I need to more than ever. Gardening is not about lists. Gardening is about nature and the beauty that surrounds us. We sometimes take for granted the buzz of a bee or the scent of a rose.

bee, salvia

Gardening is about attracting bees, butterflies, and birds to our piece of paradise we create on this Earth.

Gardening is about seeing the beauty in the bud of a flower ready to bloom.

Gardening is about the sounds of a babbling brook or a water feature in your garden.

Gardening is about the fresh vegetables you may grow to feed your family.

Jane Magnolia tree

Jane Magnolia bloom-just beautiful

For me gardening has been a journey of many years. I believe it all started as a child in the springtime when my Grandparents’ Magnolia tree bloomed and the intoxicating scent filled the air. I spent many weekends and summers with my Grandparents and would sneak out and climb the Magnolia perching myself in one of her branches to sit, breathe, and daydream…

Jane magnolia,

Jane Magnolia- bloomed 3 times in 2014! This is June 2014 bloom

Gardening is a commitment to nature. It is not a list of when to prune or what brand of soil to use. Nature is about life and our responsibility to our planet.

That is why I say loudly- I DO NOT DO LISTS!

I have found over the years that a good number of people are pushed into this notion that there is right way to garden and a wrong way to garden. The only wrong way to garden is to plant invasive plants, use chemicals without knowing the full impact to the environment, and planting plants that may require too much care for the beginner gardener.

Shade garden.

This is my shade garden

Do not be fooled- I read the tags but I also know that the tags are a general estimate of the plants growth and requirements. I love to use natives but sometimes I just want something different.

I do not always remember the genus or family a plant is in but I do know that fancy tools, soils, and names are not required. There is no degree required to grow a garden-flower or vegetable. Gardening takes passion. Gardening takes commitment to work WITH nature and not against the forces that have created what we lovingly call Earth.

As I begin to discover new blogs and new experts in the field of gardening, I am reminded that we all have much to learn.

If you like lists, then use them. I just find them cumbersome and too formal for me and my garden. See I do not prune, I do not fertilize much, and I do not follow most of the rules. I walk outside and see what needs to be done. I have no February list. I have no spring list. I would be put in the category by some gardeners as the “fly by the seat of my pants”. That’s okay because if you have seen my yard, then I must be doing something right!

perennials in July,

July 2014

I just find that gardening is about the love of all things growing and blooming.

Walking out to the garden and soaking up fresh air, picking up sticks, and working the soil.

Sitting on a garden bench you created enjoying the sounds of the water trickling.

Gardening is about nature and that is why I exclaim “I DO NOT DO LISTS!”

Gardening with dogs you sometimes get a path through the garden

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

2015 copyrighted material C Renee Fuller

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