Kitchen storage tip: using an antique Ball jar for coffee

Ball jar, coffee storage,

I have 2 for coffee because I like to change up my coffee drinking experience

I have 2 antique Ball jars which I have had for at least 20 years that I purchased at an auction in a box. I used them for years as dust collectors and always wondered if there was something more than décor. After all, Ball jars were created for food storage.

Ball jar for coffee storage

They would sit in the antique cabinet for years collecting dust

It took me a while but about 4 or 5 years ago I realized how much I hated my coffee canister but nothing else excited me to change until one day. I had just washed the Ball jars on a bi-yearly clean and had a ‘light bulb’ moment when I realized that the Ball jars would hold coffee! So after the jars dried I poured in the new package of 12 oz coffee. However, 12 oz is a bit too much for the Ball jar but that is okay because it only took another day to empty the rest of the package.

Ball jar for coffee storage

Holds 11 oz of coffee perfectly

Holding 11 oz coffee package works great now because many of the coffee packages have been decreasing in volume. I do not like clutter on the counter and I just think the Ball Jars work perfect and look cool sitting on the counter under the mugs. I love the vintage look and wish I had more. So if you have see these at a garage or estate sale grab the up because they make great storage pieces in the kitchen or even craft room.Using an antique Ball jar for coffee storage

Ball jar for coffee storage

The wires hold the lid in place and keep it sealed

I also love the way the Ball jars have the wire to keep the lid on tightly. Mine do not have the rubber gasket for sealing (which can be purchased on Ebay). If I was going to store food for longer periods -since we go through coffee in a short time – I would purchase the rubber gaskets.

Aren’t these just the coolest jars?

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