Spray paint that ugly plastic garbage can!

Spray paint plastic garbage caYou are probably wondering “why would she spend the time to spray paint a trash can?” and my answer would be “the plastic garbage can was ugly and looked like horrible in his media room”. Then you see the finished product has no lid. That was decided because my 17 year old did not want the lid on it because “the lid gets in the way when I am trying to THROW the garbage away”. Plus I have to tell you that I screwed up the lid and since the weather is rainy and too cold to spray paint, I was relieved when my son said he did not want the lid.

Fail turned Success.

Rustoleum spray paint, plastic garbage can makeover

I love Rustoleoum spray paint!

Of course, I have to add that I already had the spray paint from other projects so there was nothing to purchase. Even my husband’s witty question “why don’t you just go buy one you like?” did not stop me. Plus this was a perfectly good garbage can that needed cleaned (teenage son does not seem to remember where the garbage bags are) and in all reality there is not much choice in color for plastic garbage cans. Rustoleum 2x spray works great on plastic too but I did spray plastic primer where metallic spray went.

plastic garbage can makeover,

Anyone else have a garbage can like this?

It is winter so I had to be a bit inventive since it was only 40 degrees out. It is advised against spray painting in cold weather so I came up with a solution- I kept the paint and trashcan inside and taped off the metallic part first. I then took the work bench outside to spray on and took the stuff outside and quickly sprayed and brought back in to dry for a couple hours. The key to spray painting is light coats so you will have some difference in shading just be patient because 2-3 coats are needed. After it was slightly dry but sort of tacky (I should have let it dry but I only had a short amount of sunshine on a winter day) I sprayed the second coat and brought it inside. I let it sit for a day and it felt dry (cured) but I should have waited a couple more days but I had another sunny 40s winter day. So I taped off and repeated the spraying process.

Now here comes the fail.

When I carefully removed the tape, I carefully removed a top layer of metallic paint. Ugh, so I had the brilliant idea to try and use a small paint brush and spray the metallic in a small soda lid and dab to cover up so overspray. WELL, that does NOT work! It was like applying paint remover so that is why I agreed to the no lid on the garbage can.

My lesson is for you- let the paint cure for a few days before taping! Be patient.

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

Plastic garbage can makover

Taped off the curve to spray this are. Tape has to be manipulated to go around curves and that is why I use smaller pieces which are much easier to make curve

Rustoleum metallic silver spray paint

Taped off for edge to spray

Rustoleum silver metallic spray paint

This is what it looked like after spray Rustoleum metallic

Rustoleum silver metallic spray paint

I sprayed the lid Rustoleum silver metallic too

Spray paint plastic garbage can

Use smaller pieces of painters tape to make the curve.

Rustoleum 2x spray paint

Taped off the newly painted metallic to spray outside navy blue

Rustoleum spray paint

This is after I take off tape

Painted the lid

Painted the lid



2 thoughts on “Spray paint that ugly plastic garbage can!

  1. I love this idea and am going to make this my next project, im going to test out milk paint with a bonding and see if i can use a non toxic paint that may also have some custom color capabilities. I’ll let you know how it works out!

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