Happy New Year’s Eve 2014

Working on some ideas for the new year but I first had to wish everyone a Happy New Year’s Eve!

It has been a learning curve for me growing my blog, my FB page, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, and… Social media is exhausting at times! I am not a techy kind of gal. Give me a shovel not a tablet. It is so much easier to grow a hosta than it is to learn SEO and plug ins (which by the way I still do not know).

I am working on a redesign and hopefully I will be done before the end of January (I still have hope of finding someone who can help me). I never really knew how much goes into blogging until I started The Garden Frog. There is a lot to learn and to do when you have a blog. Not only do you write your blog but you have to work with social media {tweeting, posting, sharing, googling, etc}. Then there is sharing other bloggers and social media content to give a well rounded experience to your followers. It takes a lot of time but when someone likes your page and comments, it makes blogging worthwhile!

So entering into 2015 I will have more DIY projects, tips & tricks, inspirational content, recipes, and lots more stuff {more gardening articles and ideas too}. I want you to know that I will try my best to give great content and ideas to keep you coming back.

My philosophy is:

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

I do have lots of projects and I am going to start by showing you the many things I have done in the past 5 years. I have to warn you the pictures will be my very own unedited and with flaws. I am not going to impress anyone with the photography skills of home improvement but I do hope to inspire you to tackle that home improvement project you have always wanted to do. Believe me when I tell you that sometimes a project, craft, idea, or even repair turns out the way you hope. I have had my shares of “what in the hell was I thinking!” or “OMG what did you do?”.

I think we all have had some oops moments where we have to walk away and take a deep breath and regroup. I know when my hubby and I work together it is not always a happy time. After 18 years we know when to work together, when to try and work together, and when to work alone. You have to have that in a marriage or relationship. It is okay not to get along all the time and this a piece of married advice that can save your marriage. My husband helps me a lot but sometimes we do not communicate well and it turns a bit ugly. Yep, we yell and slam a door when he doesn’t understand me. I am a bit hard to understand-just ask him. LOL

Well, it is a sunny day today and tonight we will celebrate with great friends and bring in the New Year with a clean slate and a positive attitude that 2015 is our year to shine!

As Napoleon Hill is quoted “It is a known fact, that the person who is capable of freeing his mind from all self-imposed limitations through the mental attitude known as faith, generally finds the solution to all of his problems, regardless of their nature.”

Good bye 2014- it is time to bring in the new year.

@2014 writer and creator Renee Fuller



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