My 2nd kitchen must have small appliance- the Foodsaver


My older model Foodsaver

You are probably wondering why I say 2nd and not 1st? Well, because my coffee maker is the most important small appliance for obvious reasons. I have had 3 Foodsavers in the last 12-15 years (I am not sure when they came out with it and I had one of the very first ones). I literally wore 2 of them out. I am on my 3rd one which does not get used as much as the other ones but it is now about ready to be replaced with a new one.

In the earlier years we had 4 kids who used the Foodsaver to seal up their potato chip bags so the chips and other foods would not get stale. When their friends would come over they would play with it by going around opening and re-sealing all the bagged foods. The most entertainment took place when they took a couple marshmallows and put them in a vacuum canister and turned it on to watch the marshmallows swell up to fill the vacuum canister.

Are you tired of open bags of stale chips?

Are you tired of open bags of stale chips?

I guesstimate that the Foodsaver has been used to seal thousands of bags of chips, noodles, cereal, and the Foodsaver vacuum bags. I only use the vacuum bags for vacuum sealing meats, cheese, and other food items that need to be stored for a period of time either on the shelf or in the freezer. It has been the best investment I have ever made for the kitchen and I believe it has saved us thousands of dollars. Over the years re-sealing the potato chip bags has saved us hundreds because nothing goes stale faster than potato chip or tortilla bags left open.

How about tired of open bags of noodles spilling out?

How about tired of open bags of noodles spilling out?

I still do not believe the instructions will tell you that you can seal other types of bags. Over the years I have found the bags need to be heavier than sandwich or Ziploc baggies or they actually melt. Frozen French fry and vegetables bags will work but double over the top to avoid too much melting on the softer plastic. It takes some practice but once you get the hang of how to hold the bag and edge in the Foodsaver you will ask yourself why you did not buy one sooner!Foodsaver


This may be on my wish list as long as I can still seal chip bags

I know that this time of year they have some great sales at many department and discount stores. Check out prices and invest in one. I can tell you that I am a frugal (cheap as my sons tell me) but I would never go without a Foodsaver. I have a basic model and a few canisters to go with it. I am trying to decide if I want to upgrade to the sleek black upright model in the very near future. Either way, my current older model needs a new sealing strip which I have to check to see if they have a replacement.

There is probably written about voiding out your warranty and I make no claims for any responsibility if something happens. I just know from at least 11 years or more  of experience that you can use the Foodsaver to seal chip and frozen food bags. It is hands down the best investment I have ever made for the kitchen.

Note: at this time I am not a paid blogger nor do I receive any compensation for writing this. This is my own humble opinion.

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sealing food bags, Foodsaver

Use scissors and make a clean straight cut before sealing.

sealing potato chip bags, Foodsaver

Cut off any extra from bags that are half eaten


The sealing strip is where the bag must lie in order to get sealed. If you are going to vacuum seal bags with their bags then the bag must slip into the vacuum chamber


Hold bag on edge of black seal on vacuum chamber


Hold with one hand and close the Foodsaver. The bag needs to rest on the sealing strip and not go past the black vacuum seal lip

Food saver

Push down hard where you see the ridges (most Foodsavers are marked where you push with BOTH hands). Once you do this step a couple times you will automatically know when the sound of the Foodsaver changes which signals that you can let go (see video for more)


Bag is sealed! Now it will stay fresh.


Frozen food bags I treat bit differently to avoid melting that can occur if the bags are too thin

Folded over and treat the same way as the chip bags. If the bag is thicker you do not always have to fold it over.

Folded over and treat the same way as the chip bags. If the bag is thicker you do not always have to fold it over.


The bag is sealed and will stay fresh in the freezer

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views are my own

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