A great choice for a house plant- the Peace Lily

Peace Lily, spathiphyllum spp, spathiphyllum

Large Peace Lily from late summer clearance rack at Home Depot

The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp) is one of the most common and probably favorite houseplant in this country. It is readily available anytime time of the year and given to loved ones and friends as a way to say “I am thinking of you” or “Get well soon”. The white blooms remind many of the Calla lily and the shiny dark leaves are a great addition to any room. It is one of the easiest plants to grow for anyone- even those with a brown thumb!

Peace lily, spathiphyllum

A friend was giving this away a few years ago and this spring it will have to be repotted

The Peace Lily can tolerate low light conditions and can easily be grown under artificial light. However, in low light the Peace Lily will not produce blooms. It is also important to note that the Peace lily does not like to dry out and highly prefers to be moist, not wet. The perfect condition would be in a humid room with bright indirect light or massed together with other Peace lilies in the room to keep the humidity up. In the summer, my Peace lilies are moved outside on the deck (south side of my home) under the store bought gazebo where they seem to love the bright diffused light of summer.

Right now the Peace lilies are not blooming since bringing them inside for winter. Usually in late winter and early spring as the days get longer again the Peace lily will start blooming again.

If the Peace lily wilts, water it. Inside in the winter you may have give it a 1/4 cup to cup water (depending upon how large the plant is) and cut off any leaves that are browning and shriveling up. Brown tips on the leaves usually mean stress which can come from letting the plant dry out too often.  I have revived Peace lilies that were on the brink of death.

Peace lily, spathiphyllum

I have several in small pots off the clearance racks for a $1. I just cannot resist

Fertilizing. I only use Fish Fertilizer and no longer use any of that other stuff. I do not fertilize in winter and will wait for spring to give everyone a dose. The Peace lily does not go dormant but winter time it rarely blooms. I also discovered years ago when I used to fertilize all the time (I used to follow the gardening rules) I would have green blooms and discovered that this is from over fertilizing! I believe over fertilizing may be why many people kill their houseplants too. I have almost killed plants by fertilizing too much because the book says once a month. I just go with my gut and many years of experience helps.

To be honest, I do not always use the expensive potting soils and Miracle Grow seems to be the best potting soil (just the normal bag of potting soil). I do not spend a lot of time on my houseplants and neither should you. If you keep a positive mind and water once a week at least you should have healthy happy plants. Many house plants can do well in a Eastern exposure window for the winter and consider taking them outside in the shade during the spring and summer months. Many plants will do well in a southern facing room as long as the plant is not in the window feeling the full on effects of the blaring sun (even in winter the glass can amplify the sun). Some plants will do find in bright windows but not the Peace Lily and it will like to be a few feet away from the window and the bright sun.

Peace lily, spathiphyllum

Peace lily in water just covering the roots

So if someone gives you a Peace Lily just make sure to water it regularly and do not let the soil dry out. If you find one on the clearance rack wilted and dried out for a $1 buy it and take it home and water really well and do not let it dry out again. It will live. If you are really afraid of soil, then I suggest a vase or jar and fill with a couple inches of water to grow the Peace lily. All you need to do is take the Peace lily out of the pot, shake off all the dirt, rinse the roots off with warm water (you would not want your body showered in cold water LOL) and stick it in the vase to grow. Just keep the roots submerged in water and use filtered or water that has sat from the tap for a  couple days (clean empty milk jugs work great for storing water). Enjoy having green in the house and the many benefits of having plants in the home for clean air and beauty.

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If you ever have a gardening question, please feel free to contact me and I will try and help.

Copyright @2014/2015 C Renee Fuller @ The Garden Frog Boutique

Here are some Ehow links if you want to check out more how tos about the Peace lily




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