Gardening with the Garden Frog

2014-10-03 10.59.52This has been a journey creating and growing my blog and my followers. Gardening is my passion and creating seems to come to me in my dreams or when I take a walk down the aisles of my local home and garden store. There still are many garden and projects I can post as well as many more tips and tricks to grow beautiful flowers and gardens.20140930_094408

I do have to apologize for I have fallen short for you, my followers, and I am here to let you know that I am working hard to find a way to bring you more! Yes, more pictures, more tips, and more information on gardening, decorating, organizing and whatever else strikes me. I still have more to write on gardening since it is fall and some helpful tips to get you into winter. Now is a great time for me transition into more DIY craft and home projects.

I started TheGardenFrog as a dream to give readers a sensible and easy approach to gardening, DIY home, and working with what you have. I think about it and it happens (sometimes with hubby’s help).2014-09-30 11.58.14

Creating. Inspiring, Gardening without the rules!

This is what my life is about and I want to share that with you.

Truckload of garage sale finds that I get to work with!

Truckload of garage sale finds that I get to work with!

So over the course of a few weeks I will be changing the look of the pages and adding AT HOME WITH THE GARDEN FROG – which will be more inspiration for your home (and life) with many of my own DIY projects. This is going to be some trial and error and I hope that I can figure this out along the way. Building and creating a blog is hard. It is harder than anything I have ever done. I hope to find someone who can help me, guide me, and even show me how to work with all this technology…

but until then, I will keep on snapping pictures, writing, and showing you how to create.

Then when I get the Garden Frog where I need it to be I will be adding more home and family tips, cleaning  tricks, maybe even an inspirational quote, and plenty of plant pictures. I also want to add content and ideas from other bloggers and DIYers that I meet.

I have many ideas and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blogs as much as I love writing them.

Have a great day and always remember that tomorrow is another day to start fresh and become the person you want to be.

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