My life as a plant lover

Jane Magnolia

Jane Magnolia

 I am a Plant lover

I know what you must be thinking “this woman is nuts. She loves all plants and flowers.” This is partly true -I will admit that but my love affair with plants and rocks have spanned over 40 years! I remember hunting in the woods in the early spring for wild violets to put in May day baskets we made in school out of paper. I loved May day and I loved ringing the door bells and leaving the basket of flowers on the doorstep. That was the highlight of my day. Violets have always been on my list of favorites for 2 reasons-they are purple (my favorite color) and they were a part of my childhood. Violets conjure up great memories for me and that is why I love them.

Jane Magnolia bloom-just beautiful

Jane Magnolia bloom-just beautiful

Then I have another favorite spring flower which is really a tree- the Magnolia tree. I think I can include all Magnolias because they all have wonderfully scented flowers that are so intoxicating…I have 3 varieties in my yard and each one gives me a feeling of bliss. I have a saucer Magnolia that is about 5 years old and is over 14 feet tall which is a tree similar to what my grandparents that grew in their front yard in the midwest. The best memories I had of my childhood were in my paternal grandparents yard where I would hang out  and listen to my Grandfather’s stories, pick up buckeyes, and pick the beautiful white blooms off the snowball bush.

But the best memory of all… is of their Magnolia tree which was so large I could climb the branches and sit on its branches. I loved spring and could not wait for the Magnolia to be in bloom so I could sneak away and daydream among the branches and breathe in the wonderful fragrance…daydreaming about life…

then my Grandmother would yell out “you better not be in the Magnolia tree!”

Sitting in the that tree was the best place on Earth. It was peaceful and nothing else mattered when I was sitting in that tree breathing in that wonderful aroma…

My life has been about plants. Even as a child I would do my science fair projects on either rocks or plants. Growing plants under light bulbs or watering them with sugar water, I loved to share my passion. As a teenager I had houseplants in my room under a 60Watt bulb and had a philodendron that grew all around my small room. On my own, I had plants and never could fully enjoy being in a room without something green and alive.

As an adult, I still share my passion for growing all things green and beautiful. I do not have exotic plants nor do I grow anything real difficult. I grow what I find on the markdown racks and even plants I find discarded. I have revived many plants over the years and learned that going with my ‘gut’ and not by the book has given me an advantage. Over the last couple of years I have not been able to hang on to some of the knowledge I once had. I try not to worry about forgetting genus names or Latin names because I am more worried with the life of the plant than its name. Life has too much to offer and it takes more passion than knowledge to grow a plant.

DSC03162We are all energy.

You know I have only killed a handful of plants. You may laugh but I get a bit emotional when I do. I almost killed my orchid my husband gave me 5 years ago. I cried. My husband was looking at me like I was a mental case. He said to me “it is just a plant, I will get you another one”. I sputtered and said to him “it is not the same. You got this for me on Valentine’s day and it has bloomed every year since then. It means everything to me.” He hugged me and said it will be alright.

It is alright.

because the orchid, after some trimming and talking, is doing better and growing new roots. I learned a valuable lesson that day I almost killed it. Never listen to someone else about how to grow (or even do) something that you already have been doing right. Does this make sense? My orchid was growing and thriving and I just had to follow some advice that I never felt quite right with. That is why I say “gardening without the rules” because I follow what is in my heart, maybe it is my soul, but whatever “IT” is I know that my success is from following my instinct, my inner voice, and the cues from Mother Nature herself.

EXIF_JPEG_T422What we think of ourselves and life is what we see in others, in nature, and in this world. I see green. I see beauty. I see life as an adventure that I have learned to enjoy and I see how important my teaching others to enjoy nature is my gift to the world. You cannot fight who you are. That took me many years to learn. Life does not always give you what you think you should have because you get out of life what you put in to it.

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!EXIF_JPEG_T422

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