One of my favorite shade plants for fall-the toad lily

Toad lily (Tricyrtis) shade fall bloomer

I just had to share this with you today. I say “this is my fave” or “I just love this plant” because I truly love many plants and I cannot really narrow down to one favorite plant of all time. I can, however, tell you that this time of the year for the shade garden the toad lily is my favorite. Tricyrtis (pronounced try-sir-tiss) or the commonly named ‘toad lily’ is a great addition to the shade garden providing fall blooms, height, and some texture in the shade garden.

The other day on twitter I was introduced to Tricyrtis x formosana ‘Dark Beauty’ a cultivar of Tricyrtis. Wow- this is one beautiful flower. Many times to find the different cultivars you will have to visit a local nursery/garden center to purchase one. Sometimes the local home stores will get them in but they are usually tricyrtis hirta which is, well for a lack of a better word, the common toad lily. The color variation on this shade beauty can range from pale pinks to purples and sometimes even pure white petals with freckles. For me, it does not matter what the name or the color because they are all welcome in my garden!Toad lily (Tricyrtis) shade fall bloomer in the gardenThe toad lily is easy to grow except that it is a shade plant that does not like to dry out. Keep the plant watered and it will start blooming for you in zones 4-9 around the middle of September through October (I have had them continue to bloom in my zone 7 garden in November.) Mixed in with hosta, astilbe, foam flower and ferns this plant will stand out all summer in the bed with its taller stems and fan like foliage. Then come around September the blooms will pop out and open in the cusp of the leaf and stem. Any day now I am hoping Lowe’s and Home Depot get some in but so far they have not.

Unfortunately I lost many of mine last year because of moles, voles, dogs, and cats making a mess out of the shade bed. It is not fun for me (or anyone else who battles the critter catastrophes) wherein you find the moles tunnel, the voles run through to get to the delicate buffet of roots, cats hunt, and then the dogs jump in to dig their way to the varmints. I have learned to not get too upset but it is still horrifying to find your beautiful trampled and dug up by your pets. Such is life and so I snap pictures every morning and every night to capture any blooms that could possibly be destroyed in the hunt by the dogs and cats for varmints.

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3 thoughts on “One of my favorite shade plants for fall-the toad lily

    • toad lilies like moist but not wet soil. They will tolerate and even enjoy a bit of early morning sun. They love to be with hosta and other shade lovers. If they dry out they will not bloom that well. I found that out. good luck and if you ever have a question, just find me on here

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