If you love hydrangeas, you need to plant this one!

Monrovia Mini Penny Hydrangea, hydrangeaI usually do not recommend a plant until I have grown it in my yard for at least a full year to see how it does. However, I am so excited about how this hydrangea and how well it has grown over the summer that I just cannot help myself! Sometimes I find that a plant just does not grow the way I want it to in an area, I get that a lot- living under Oaks and having red clay soil which is not the best soil for many plants. I have been known to move things around, a lot, trying to find the perfect spot. I must admit I am delighted that planting these hydrangeas the first time, I will not to move them because they are very happy!

Let me introduce to you the Mini Penny Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla

Monrovia Mini Penny hydrangea, hydrangea

The Mini Penny Hydrangea (TM trademarked) @ Monrovia is a mophead hydrangea which, according to the tag, is zoned for 5-9 (temps -20 to -10 degrees) and will grow about 2-3 foot tall and 3-4 feet wide. This easy grower is also highly disease resistant and produces either blue or pink flowers in the garden. There is only one downside to this hydrangea, and any other  hydrangea for that matter, it  needs frequent watering and does not like to dry out. Otherwise I have done nothing special except to plant in morning sun and afternoon shade, mulched it, and keep it watered every other day at least (we are in a drought right now). Otherwise I have not fertilized nor have I fussed over it in any way. Monrovia Mini Penny Hydrangea, hydrangrea

I planted these in July after I found them on the markdown rack at Lowe’s all wilted, dried out, and pathetic looking. I bought all of them that day (6 of them). I planted 3 at my neighbors’ house in their shaded front bed and I divided my 3 and put them in a couple different places. Yes, I divided these small gallon shrubs which were probably a day away from being tossed in the dumpster. I am a greedy gardener and for me I love for my beds to be full so I decided that the more hydrangeas I have the happier I would be.  The ones I planted at my neighbors are doing great and have bloomed every since. She  loves them now but at first she was not too sure they would even live.

Mine have tripled in size and have not stopped blooming since about 2 weeks after I had planted them In the heat of July. Most people would not plant in the dead of summer but I am not most people (or gardeners). You can plant in July and August, even though many do not recommend it, but I take chances and many times it has paid off.  Watering is the key to success when planting newly purchased flowers, shrubs, and trees whether you plant them in the spring, summer, or fall. For the first 30 days water every day -this is what I do. If there is a significant rain fall, then you can skip a day. For the rest of the season, I water at least every other day for the next couple weeks and then maybe every 3 days in the heat of summer. Water in the morning is best before the day gets hot. I do not care if the hydrangeas turn blue (acidic soil) or pink (alkaline soil). As a matter of fact, the hydrangeas in the above pics are about 3 foot apart in the same bed and they have blue, pink, and purple blooms.

I like surprises.Monrovia Mini Penny hydrangea, hydrangea

I will be adding more of these to my beds and probably moving some other things around. Since the plant tag states how this would be a great container shrub, I may just have to find some more galvanized tubs in the front bed just for them. I cannot wait until these are large enough to fill in the front bed where I have them planted in front of some compact hollies. It will be so welcoming to have hues of pinks and blues and even purples welcoming visitors to our home.Monrovia Mini Penny Hydrangea, hydrangea

The Mini Penny is a repeat bloomer which makes it an even better hydrangea for the garden. It is highly disease resistant and compact so you can easily add this to small beds or in front of foundation shrubs (as I am doing) to bring color and beauty to the landscape. I have had no pest or disease problems and this repeat bloomer, in its first season has performed better than my other hydrangeas including Endless Summer.Monrovia Mini Penny Hydrangea, hydrangea

I recommend to plant them in morning sun and afternoon shade (at least in higher zones) and keep them well watered. I try to water everything with my rain barrel water and keep them mulched for weed and moisture control. They do seem to love more shade than sun and I cannot wait until next year to see how big they will grow.

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

Monrovia Mini Penny Hydrangea, hydrangea

This was a small division off the original I have been growing in a pot since it was too small. This is about the size of the plants when I bought them.

2014/2015 Copyrighted C Renee Fuller @ The Garden Frog Boutique

check out the link to the Monrovia site:  http://www.monrovia.com/plant-catalog/plants/1336/mini-penny-hydrangea/

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