I hate raking leaves!

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Fall 2013

To be perfectly honest, I do not really like fall  all that much. Why? Because I live under 13 – 50+ foot Oak trees and fall is a time when I have to dodge acorns propelling to the ground from the tops of the trees. They hurt. To make matters worse- every other year the trees double their production of acorns (and this will be the bumper year). I live in a planned community so taking out trees is like pulling a tiger’s teeth-almost impossible. The one saving point is that I had the trees limbed up to the canopy a few years ago which has cut down on the 5 tons of acorns to maybe 3.  I am saving money to have them limbed even higher and take out 2 huge Oaks that are damaging my foundation of my home and destroying my driveway (this is an acceptable reason to take down trees). I have just enough sunlight in the front now for my beds and my lawn but my backyard is quickly becoming too shady as the 10 or so Oaks are filling with larger canopies and blocking off more sun.

I have to have sun at least in one spot!

My pond could use some more sun

My pond could use some more sun

I grow many things under Oaks that some say should not grow. I can tell you from experience that most people will not have the ‘luck’ I have growing a rose bush right smack under and next to a massive White Oak. As a matter of fact, I have 2 rose bushes right next to 2 might Oaks that are growing  rather well. Both are rescues from the trash and I have to make you aware that I am NOT a rose person. They are a lot of work. However, the one rose in front under the biggest Oak I have in the yard has 3 beautiful blooms on it and has grown over 5′ this year. It is not a beautiful bushy rose but a scraggly rose that I leave alone and do nothing. That is why my philosophy is “gardening without the rules” because I really do not follow any rules in a book. I just have a feeling (for lack of a better word) where plants will grow. I have a gift which sometimes lets me show the ‘experts’ that they are wrong!

Oh wait!

Fall 2013

Fall 2013

I cannot wait to talk about leaves. I hate raking leaves. I hate blowing leaves. I hate leaves. Just the thought of raking for months makes me hate trees. Do not think bad of me because I love plants but I hate raking leaves more than I hate folding laundry or grocery shopping. We rake here from October usually until March or April! See Red Oaks keep their leaves until the early spring when the new leaves start to emerge and push them off. So now can you see why I hate raking leaves? Then add in that a rental is next door where they do not rake at all which means after I rake and the next day a nice fall wind comes through- my yard is again filled with leaves- it is a never ending cycle and one that I hate.

Leaves are not a fountain/ponds friend

Leaves are not a fountain/ponds friend

But acorns are the worst because those damn things produce acorn trees anywhere and everywhere. In my flower beds and shrubs, I will take acorns out until spring and then even now I find new acorn trees emerging amongst the hostas or coneflowers.Do not be fooled by the myth squirrels eat a lot of acorns because here in the suburbs they do not eat enough! The squirrels here in my neck of the woods love to eat out (of my neighbors’ bird feeders) so they do not seem to have to collect nuts (at least not that many nuts).

I guess I rambled…but now that everyone is decorating for fall and talking about how great fall is- I had to put in my 2 cents worth.

Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Have a wonderful fall y’all.

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

2014/2015 copyrighted material by C Renee Fuller @the Garden Frog Boutique

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