Some moments from my garden

I just wanted to share some ‘moments from the garden’. I just love snapping pictures and sharing with you. Enjoy and be mindful of the beauty that surrounds us.

late august tools flowers 250Not too often do you find a late blooming daylily but when you do, snatch it up. This is the most beautiful red and it blooms throughout August.

random yard 027Hummingbird moths. I get so excited when I see one. This pic was taken at a friend’s home where I stood right there close and snapped the pictures. This is why you do not spray your flowers with pesticides!

late august tools flowers 3042014-08-29 10.27.19bench butterf;u 036random yard 028

random yard 067To you these may seem like pests, but to me they are welcome creatures in the garden. Every day I go out and check to see what is happening in my gardens and each day brings a new discovery of what nature, of what life, brings to us. Killing that spider in the bushes (or in my case strung across the salvia) would not be beneficial for my flowers or my home…

Why? because spiders catch and eat many bugs! Every day for the past couple months I go out and check on my spider to find his ‘catch of the day’ woven tightly hanging on web. The intricate work of a spider and its precision of weave in its web shows me that our world of asphalt and laptops does not hold a candle to the beauty of the great outdoors.

I do not randomly spray bug spray.

I do not randomly smash a bug (unless it is a roach). I do not tear up that beautiful web or swat away the bees buzzing on my blooms. I enjoy nature and I let her be.

What makes me so mad are the people who spray their whole yards hoping to kill the fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks not realizing that they are killing the ecosystem in their yard. I do not care what the bug company is telling you because that mosquito squad guy who just sprayed all that nasty pesticides and insecticides in your yard and trees just killed all the beautiful butterflies, bees, and beetles that our gardens and flowers need to grow and thrive!

I know, I know-they tell you it is safe.

Really…think about it. If it kills mosquitoes why would it not kill the Monarch butterfly or the Ladybug? I notice every time my neighbor whips out the gas powered blower with his concoction of chemicals to blast his and the adjoining neighbors yard my blood pressure goes up and my pollinators go down.

Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water and just down the street is a ditch where the water sits…

There are other natural ways of defending your yard and pets from fleas and ticks and it can be done naturally through applying lime or diatomaceous earth. I also believe in keeping my pets with vet grade flea and tick control as well.

Bugs are good. Maybe not all bugs but there are means to ridding or at least minimizing the pests in your yard and home. Organically or chemically-whatever way you choose, just be wise and use it as the directions state and do not just start spraying and dusting all of nature’s beautiful work!

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!


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