My must have garden tools- Shovels

The garden shed houses many garden tools So you want to know what is in my tool shed? Lots of stuff – like rakes and shovels of all shapes and sizes, some hoes, my tamping stick, and even some pots. Some may say I collect shovels but I use them all (so that is not collecting).

First I have to tell you a secret…I do not clean them after every use and sometimes they stay outside in the weather. I have even been known to put them away covered in dirt and I have never cleaned, oiled, or shined them up! I use and abuse them and they have given me years of obedient service.

Let’s be honest here: many gardeners have muddy shoes and dirty shovels at the end of the day and cleaning the dirt off the garden tools most often gets put off for another day…

I have all sorts of shovels and each one has its purpose. I have a spade which is for digging deep holes and I have another shovel that I sharpen if I know I am digging around trees. I even have a shovel that the tip is broken off because I have hit so many rocks with it. My 3rd shovel is a back up for a helper and I rarely use that shovel. I have flat tipped shovels, scoop shovels, and I have an antique coal shovel. {I adore my antique coal shovel and I use it to scoop mulch and rocks because it is small and has a short handle.

Shovels are a must have for the gardener but the first one you invest in a good standard garden shovel or round point shovel. I do not buy my garden tools from Walmart and that is where I stop myself.I have found a few of my shovels at yard sales, flea markets, and garage sales.

A good shovel will provide you with years of service. Just make sure the handle is on tight and there are no splits in the wood handle that could cause splintering or injury. Garage sales and auctions are great places to find tools for sale.

Many of these are garage sale or auction finds over the past 20+ years

Many of these are garage sale or auction finds over the past 20+ years

There are many shovels and each one has a purpose. As you grow as a gardener so shall your garden tool selection. the 2nd shovel you should find is a scoop shovel like my small coal shovel so you can scoop up mulch and other things out of a back of a truck or off the sidewalk. Now if you are large stature person, then by all means by a bigger scoop shovel but for me I need compact.

A spade is great for deep holes or starting holes. This is not a must have but it is a nice shovel to own.

Another shovel to look for is a flat tipped shovel. These shovels can be used to do edging in the yard, clean off the mud off a driveway, or even be sharpened to chop perennials in half that you are dividing.

If you are just starting out, do not go out and buy too many tools. Start with your basic shovel, leaf rake, and a garden rake. In my next blog I will show you my other tools that I use in my garden and many of which I have found at garage sales for a couple bucks. A good garden tool can withstand neglect, abuse, and an occasional mud bath without being cleaned, oiled, and shined. Like I said before, I do not do anything extra special with my tools except to put them away in the shed when I am done-with or without dirt on them.

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

If you are itching to buy some garden tools and get started, then I suggest you start with the basics-shovel and rake. And Sears has a lifetime limited warranty on garden tools so my leaf rake was an investment and it has been worth it. You do get what you pay for.

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