Scooping the poop and other nasty pick ups

No one wants this job but someone has to do it. 

I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and find myself (even though I am not the one who wanted dogs so badly) scooping and cleaning up after the animals. Now I am lucky-no very lucky-that both of our dogs and our 3 indoor/outdoor cats are all housebroke too.

Yes, they are housebroke and do not use the kitty litter box. Well, maybe not completely because in the dead of winter when it gets down to the teens, the cats go out to the garage and use the litter box. I guess they know when it is too cold to go out too. I do not have to worry about scooping because my dogs like their treats. Yes, I said it…my dogs like cat crap…but my dogs are not unique in their quest for delectable delights. Yuck. I know but cats have fattier diets which makes their feces taste good (now I was told this by a vet). It does not hurt them but if they eat too much the dog will get sick. I know this first hand and there is nothing worst than a dog throwing up cat crap that smells so awful that you find yourself heaving 10 feet away!

Anyhow, back to scooping the poop…

It is important to scoop the poop because dog feces can carry a host of worms, parasites, and even diseases. {Plus it is just gross to step in it.} If you had a dog with worms then you know that a vet visit is expensive . Ridding the dogs of the worm or parasite is not always enough either because your pet could have passed it to your kids. I know that this subject is gross but it happens – some kids get worms and it can happen by coming in contact with dog feces. That is why it is important for your family, your pets, and your yard to scoop the poop.  Plus it helps to ensure that your dogs  do not become infected or reinfected, with any worm or parasite.

Now a pooper scooper has other uses too such as helping you pick up those gross mushrooms that pop in the yard, picking up cat feces in your flower beds, or the dead bird the cat dragged in…

For gross factor my model for this is a mushroom that popped up in the yard

For gross factor my model for this is a mushroom that popped up in the yard

having a basket that a plastic bag can drape over helps!

having a basket that a plastic bag can drape over helps!

Just sharing some friendly advice, I know we really do not like talking about poop, but it has to be said “scoop the poop” for the health of your yard, keeping clean shoes, and for the health of your pets. The investment for a pooper scooper  is truly priceless if you are the one scooping the poop {plus it will save your back and no bending over}.

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