My view from the kitchen window

garden design from kitchen windowWashing the dishes and looking out, does it make you happy?

garden design from window

This is my view at the kitchen sink while I am rinsing a dish or loading the dishwasher. A view is the most important thing from our windows.

My advice is do not forget to go inside and look out the window to see how the garden looks. The views from the window are just as important as the views from the yard or road. Planting a tree in front of a window can block your view of a pond or your children’s play area. Placing a pot of flowers so you can see it while washing dishes is guaranteed to make the chore better.

So make your view from the kitchen window a pretty one!

 Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

2014/2015 copyrighted material C Renee Fuller @ the Garden Frog Boutique

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