Only gardeners allowed!

My potting bench and mailbox for tools-2 must haves

My potting bench and mailbox for tools-2 must haves

Every gardener needs a place to claim…

for the sole purpose of potting, saving, and growing any plant that we may find. random yard potting area 138

My potting area naturally exists because it is surrounded by 2 mighty Oaks and several small trees in the back corner of my 1/4 acre plot in the suburbs where dappled sunlight pokes through the canopies of the trees. It is my sanctuary. It is a place where I can be, do what I do, and grow what I find. A very special place where I can go to retreat from a hectic day and play in the dirt and no one bothers me…This is my area where I can do what I do and, this may sound crazy, but it is where I feel so alive and creative.

I have privacy there and every object, plant, or creation has been found, created, or given to me…

the 100+ year old barnboards on the potting bench were from a barn in the middle of Kentucky somewhere on the property of my husband’s long time Army friend.

Welcome to my sanctuary

Welcome to my sanctuary

This garden trellis at the entrance was a special gift from a friend/former neighbor who moved away…

The pots were free or left over from the plants off the markdown racks and I spray painted for my much desired POPs of color.

The ladder was a found a couple years ago when I stumbled upon a junk pile.

My 'retired' garden boots

My ‘retired’ garden boots

The garden boots in front next to the trellis were ‘retired’ the other day because they had so many rips and tears from pushing on a shovel.

The red/multi color bird feeder was in the garbage from an old friend who decided it did not work as a bird feeder.

The white picket fence and the white panels were a steal (not stolen LOL) at Lowe’s on a pallet of broken and marked down fencing. They are held up with metal posts and cable ties!

The 2 round arborvitae have been in those pots for 3 or so years and they were $1 markdown shrubs that I stuck in the pots to nurse back to health.

I have old barnboard birdhouses that I have had for over 14 years now!

I am sometimes (teasingly) called a plant hoarder, obsessed plant a-holic, and crazy plant lady…

but I do not care for my love affair with plants and nature goes back as far as I can remember.

random yard potting area 142Just like any room in my home, I have to ‘remodel’ the places in my yard. My potting area is my sanctuary for reviving, creating, and growing many plants that I rescue from vole attacks, dog crushing, dump sites, and markdown racks. I have to be surrounded by plants and by color. That is who I am and how I “roll”. Even though my husband and sons feel I am obsessed with plants and saving all ‘greenkind’, I cannot help that I am not your typical mom who would spend money on shoes or handbags. I would rather buy a $5 distressed Hydrangea than spend $5 on a Starbucks (Oh wait I do not drink Starbucks and I do not think you can find a $5 coffee there). I just cannot help myself.

random yard potting area 140This is my sanctuary and where my hubby and boys cannot trespass.

We made a pact as long as I do not grow or save plants in the house- they will not say anything about my gardens, potting area, gazebo, and fountains. I do have some houseplants that I have had for over 15 years now which are inside during the cold winter months. So I am thankful we moved to zone 7 (11 years ago) because I can grow and sow seeds outdoors 9 months out of the year which gives me plenty of time to save all the green I can!

I love being surrounded by all things blooming and beautiful!

I love being surrounded by all things blooming and beautiful!

I hope this inspires you to carve out a notch in your yard for your very own potting area.

Everything you see pictured, I have upcycled, spray painted, created, hoarded, and loved for many years. I cannot imagine life without my flowers (oh shoot better say hubby and sons too). Create what your mind and heart inspires you to do. Love life and garden. If you love it, that is all that matters!
Happy gardening everyone!




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