This is what gardening is all about

Jane Magnolia bloom-just beautiful

Jane Magnolia bloom-just beautiful

My Jane Magnolia bloomed in March before the new leaves have emerged (which I cannot find the picture). Well, this spring it has bloomed 3 times, yes, 3 times and I could not be any more excited. The 2nd time it bloomed there were only 3 or 4 blooms on the new growth but this time there are at least a dozen blooms plus I see buds forming on all the new growth!

Late April and 2nd time its bloomed

Late April and 2nd time its bloomed

This is why I love gardening. Why I love life.

My life is filled with happy accidents and surprise blooms most of the year. I cannot stress enough how you have to work with Mother Nature and not against. I do not follow the rules and I do not spend a fortune on fertilizers, soil amendments, or even the plants that fill my many beds. I rescue plants from dumpsters and the ditches of our common areas where they should not be. I buy the markdown plants off the racks when I know they can be revived. I do not buy everything and have discovered that there are certain plants you should not buy distressed (which will be another post).

I just love to share. I love to inspire others to garden, to grow, and to create. It is our gifts that make each of us unique and special. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot grow that or make this. If you can figure out how to make it work…

Just do it!

I have been blessed with a green thumb and a mind that comes up with ideas that sometimes I think my husband would have me committed. I want to encourage you to try new things, explore, and create what you dream about. It took me years to figure this out…

be who you are and do not let anyone “rain on your parade”!

6/17/14 3rd time its blooming!

6/17/14 3rd time its blooming!

Ask if you do not know. If you feel it is a stupid or crazy question, email me. Let me tell you that I have done some pretty weird stuff and sometimes it has worked and other times it has been an ‘epic’ fail.

But I am here to tell you and expressing this in the pictures of my beautiful Jane Magnolia- everything is possible if you believe!

Happy gardening everyone and may all your flowers bloom, fruit ripen, and your seeds sprout.

Creating. Inspiring. Gardening without the rules!

2014/2015 copyrighted material C Renee Fuller @ the Garden Frog Boutique

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