Come sit awhile under the shade tree

Made by me

Made by me

Years ago I helped my kids make me concrete stepping stones with the flat marbles for decoration for Mother’s Day. Now it seems there are many posts and Pins about making your own concrete stepping stones with cake pans, plastic containers, etc which is great but I have already done. I wanted to create something bigger and something that I can create and put in the garden that no one else has…

For years I have always wondered why no one talks about making concrete benches since they are pricey at the store (and so ordinary).

I have always wanted a concrete bench or two for my different areas of the garden but just never got around to it and never wanted to pay the price. Well, last week, I decided I had concrete bench june yard 020waited too long and went on one of ‘inspiration visits’ to Home Depot and Lowes for ideas on materials and bases for the concrete benches. I love setting up vignettes in my gardens and one thing that I have not had in years was a concrete bench.

This is the first bench and I have more that I am creating but I just had to show you. I hope I get you excited about making your own concrete bench for your gardens and experiment with your kids on adding some of your own decorations. I used a wrought iron welcome sign I had purchased last year at Hobby Lobby for ‘one day’. I have other wrought iron pieces I am using for the next bench top. I cannot wait! I am even going to get some more flat marbles, tile, or sea glass create one filled with color and whimsy for another part of my yard…

the sky is the limit!

The directions for creating your very own concrete bench will be on my Hometalk site [


the base for the concrete bench is a design my hubby helped me come up and I have to go more in depth about dimensions and how to build since it is not like any other base for a concrete bench. It will be your very own piece to show in your garden and for all to admire.

Creating something from your own mind with your own hands is such a high…
Have fun and play-
Happy gardening!

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