Stretching your gardening dollar

Dividing Boston ferns

On sale at Lowe’s $6 but many were on clearance for $3!


For a couple clients I do their small window boxes and planters and, with the budgets they give me, I find ways to stretch the dollar. One way I do is through dividing my own plants or purchased plants that I find at the garden centers. I have been doing this for many years and find that it is rewarding for me to see the look on their faces when I fill their yard with beautiful things.

dividing ferns

Another fern. Took the same approach and made 2 ferns

The most divided plant I do for most are Boston Ferns and Kimberly Ferns. These are 2 ferns that can be divided easily and fill up an empty pot. Plus Kimberly ferns get tall and can take some neglect during the summer. They grow fast and can tolerate morning sun and a bit of noon day sun here in zone 7 as long as they are well watered. Boston Ferns love the shade of an overhang on a porch or in a mighty Oak. They do not like to dry out but can be brought back from wilt.

dividing ferns

I check for clumping and pull apart

dividing ferns

Pull the fronds apart and separate to find the original plant and new ones that have grown

I overwinter my Kimberly ferns and each year I have to man handle with the help of my brut of a husband to get them out of the humongous pots they are in. They grow tight in a pot which makes for some sweating and cussing to get them out. The Kimberly Ferns survived being in the garage despite the coldest temps on record for us here in VA. The looked sad and lost fronds but they survived which allows me to hack off parts of the original plant for clients.

Pull apart delicate ferns and use the same approach to finding separate plants in the same pot

Pull apart delicate ferns and use the same approach to finding separate plants in the same pot

dividing ferns, stretching your garden dollar

Unlike my precious Japanese Painted Fern (or any other plant I may have in my gardens where I am gentle and treat them like my children)-I use a sharpened tool, shovel, or knife to cut the ferns. I find that both Boston and Kimberly have wire like tendrils and fronds that connect each other on top of the soil making it too much to try and pull apart. So I resort to a sharp knife on the Bostons while I sharpen my tool on the grinder to slice through the Kimberly.

Over wintered the Kimberly fern. Took me and my hubby to pull it out of the pot.

Over wintered the Kimberly fern. Took me and my hubby to pull it out of the pot.

dividing ferns

Pull out of pot and have a sharp shovel or knife and cut the fern root ball in half or thirds

dividing ferns

Having a sharp flat tool or sharpened shovel

I buy and divide every hanging fern. So instead of buying 2 ferns I buy one a split. This goes for most perennials and some annuals. That is why I scour the rows of plants to find the ones that look like there are 2 or more plants in the pot. I am all about saving and all about stretching my dollar. I hope this tutorial helps you stretch your gardening dollar.

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2014/2015 copyright C Renee Fuller @ the Garden Frog Boutique

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