Hosta -not just for the ground


There are so many varieties of  Hosta (and Plantains) that it is just a shame to just leave them in the ground. For years, I have divided my Hostas and used them in pots in shady spots and even on my deck under the gazebo. I love the way Hostas fill up a pot quickly and, except for watering, there is really nothing else to do. It is springtime and the perfect time to divide Hostas. Of course, I divide many plants throughout the growing season and have great success. The key is watering.

I find using Hostas are an inexpensive and creative way to add texture and color to large containers and pots too along with Impatiens, Creeping Jenny, and even Caladiums. The choices are endless and the hardest part will be choosing which Hosta, color, and height to use in your container gardening. If the blooms on your hosta interfere, cutting them off does not cause the plant any harm. However, if you decide to let the Hosta bloom depending upon the variety, the white or purple tubular flowers will have Hummingbirds visiting.

I use many types of flowers for my pots; however, using Hostas are an inexpensive and low maintenance way to bring color and beauty to any shady area of your yard, deck, or even on your porch. Hostas are very versatile and with so many greens, blues, and variegated you cannot go wrong.

Another bonus? you can overwinter them in the pots and start all over next spring where you will be dividing them again!

Happy Gardening!

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